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Our management and consultants are comprised of individuals that are both career mariners and maritime safety professionals. In addition to sailing on working ships for many years, many of our staff have served as senior HSE directors and managers for large global vessel owners. We understand your HSE needs and are capable of fulfilling any HSE requirement. Whether you need help completing a single task, need help improving a system or process, or want someone to manage HSE for your organization, International Maritime Services has the leadership and experience to improve your HSE performance in practical, cost effective, and measurable ways.  

We are available to help you create and implement a new Safety Management System or review and improve an existing system. Our consultants can work with you to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, prepare for inspections and audits, evaluate performance and recommend improvements. We can instruct HSE staff on methods of inspection, hazard identification, assessing cause, and determining effective corrective actions. We can help organizations implement or improve safe systems of work and improve the performance and safety of any shipboard task. We are ready to help you assess any task to improve your performance and safety practices.  

Use our experienced investigators to conduct confidential 3rd party investigations of accidents or incidents. Our investigators have been involved in a wide variety of marine casualties including major vessel collisions, cargo handling accidents, groundings, shipboard fire & explosions, and hundreds of routine operations leading to serious injury or threats to shipboard personnel since 1985. We promise a timely response to the scene, a thorough and well documented investigation, and a professionally prepared report that identifies realistic and helpful corrective and preventive actions. If desired, we will even provide post investigation assistance insuring that the corrective and preventive actions have been properly integrated into your operations.  

Unbiased 3rd-party investigations and analysis can be invaluable to adequately documenting and understanding important incidents. In-house investigators can be influenced by company culture or insensitive to long-standing operational procedures that might be threatening your company's safety performance. Less experience investigators frequently overlook or fear reporting on "big picture" problems that involve senior managers or organizational weaknesses. If your in-house reporting identify the same causes and repeat corrective and preventive actions, its time to bring in a 3rd-party expert. If required, we can incorporate your preferred methodology of root cause analysis in our reports.  

We are also willing to teach our investigative techniques to your staff or have them assist in the investigation and reporting.

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