• Unique HANDS-ON Training Modules & Courses
  • Customized Training Created Specifically for Your Needs
  • Taught By Experienced Mariners & Safety Professionals
  • Obvious & Measurable Results

Our On-Site Training Teams deliver practical training on board your vessel or at your facility. Not only will we train your crew on the most important aspects of safe operations, we will also teach them how to train properly and conduct drills in a meaningful way. Our training programs are being developed in modules so that you can select the topics you want and tailor the training programs to your schedule.  

We believe that a Hands-On training approach is the most effective method of getting crew to change behavior. It can also be the most cost effective. Rather than sending individual crew and personnel away to shore-based training schools, our experts come to the vessel or facility. This can save significant travel costs, reduce impact on vessel and facility operations, and ensure that your people are learning as a team on the same equipment they use every day.  

Learning through the employment of books, video, internet, and other distance learning tools can also be effective for specific applications. SEA Maritime Services is ready to help you develop whatever training program is required for your needs. We can create custom video, animation, and print material to supplement any training need. Whether you need to deliver a single course or create a comprehensive annual training plan, we can develop and tailor a training program that fits your company, your crew, and your operations.  

Download a copy of our Course Catalog for a list of prepared courses. But don't forget that we specialize in creating training that is customized to your needs. Most of our prepared courses are certified through DNV-GL. Customized courses can also be certified through DNV-GL, if required.  

Training should lead to Obvious and Measurable results in performance. Do not accept anything less.

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