(STR) Sea Time Reduction

(STR) Sea Time Reduction

The course is predominantly practical/operational in nature. It is simulator-based training with guided practical exercises that introduce the trainee to various DP operational modes. The supervised activity should be an opportunity for the trainee to spend extended and intense periods of time on DP station keeping. The period of supervised DP sea time days after the Simulator Course may be reduced by a maximum of 30 days by the satisfactory completion of an intensive DP Sea-time Reduction (Simulator) Course.

This course can be done straight after the Advance/Simulator Course, but trainee DPOs are required to do a minimum of 30 DP sea time days on board a classed DP vessel and have the Statement of Suitability signed by Master after the course.

Course Overview

The course is an optional element of the DPO training programme and can be done straight
after the Simulator Course, but the participant is required to do a minimum of 30 DP sea
time days onboard a classed DP vessel and have the Statement of Suitability signed by the
Master after the course. A company confirmation letter is also required for verification of
that DP sea time. The Sea Time Reduction training cannot be used for upgrading a certificate from Limited to Unlimited.

The Course Duration

This 5-day course is predominantly practical/operational.

The Course Aims

The Sea Time Reduction Course is an opportunity for the participant to spend extended and
intense periods on a DP station-keeping watch.

The participant will be challenged to enhance, consolidate and demonstrate his/her:

– Knowledge of the DP system and additional equipment and instruments
– Situational awareness
– Communications and team skills
– Ability to analyse trends and pre-empt problems before they arise
– Ability to evaluate and respond to alarms, faults and emergencies with calm
and confidence
– Ability to complete such administrative and safety-related procedures as
completing relevant checklists, filling in logs and performing thorough watch

The range of practical/operational exercises will include, but limited to the following:

– Saturation and air dive support
– Sub-sea construction and heavy lift
– ROV operations
– OSV operations
– Cable and pipe laying operations
– Drilling operations
– Offshore loading operations
– Carry out operational planning, risk assessment and hazard identification tasks
– Set up the DP system for a particular task/operation
– Decide on courses of action because of systems failure
Course Assessment
The DP Instructor/Assessor will ensure each participant obtains the maximum amount of
‘hands-on’ experience of operating the system and that only suitable participant is deemed
to have successfully completed the course.


The course will be conducted in English.


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